January 26, 2007

Stop the press: Coop Warfare has come!

F.E.A.R. an awesome (single player FPS) game released in 2005.
F.E.A.R. Combat: a free online multiplayer game based completely on F.E.A.R., by it's very own authors, except it's free.

Coop Warfare: Then some brilliant guys (mostly germans, i think) come around and create a mod for F.E.A.R. combat and make it a dedicated coop game!

FEAR was (and still is) a beautiful game. The weapons ranged from fun to fantastic. The action was great. The AI pretty darn smart (it used cover very well). When i played it, o remember thinking: "oh, some coop here would just be such fun".

If you like coop gaming, this is a totally free treat that you can enjoy for hours on end!

The links you need:

FEAR Combat: ftp://ftp.sierra.com/pub/sierra/fear/demo/fearcombat_en_107.exe
You can also go for a nice (and Legit) torrent download from the very official torrent:

Coop Warfare: http://z4.invisionfree.com/FEAR_COOP/index.php?showforum=39
or directly at:


WARNING: I will probably not be updating those links, sorry.

But remember, Google is your friend. All you'll have to search for is:
  1. "FEAR Combat" from the official site to get the latest version available, and
  2. "Coop Warfare" to check out the latest version of the mod.

Now do the right thin' and get playin'!


Johan said...

Hi Just wanted to say you do a great work in follow up good coop games. I have a feeling that is less and less of them now a days. Developers dont want to "waste" time to do a co-op any longer =(

Keep up the good work. Thanks once again

with kind regards
Tejto a dedicated co-op palyer

look said...

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